Bootstrap css framework Training Course

15 HRS

Bootstrap, CSS, HTML

Bootstrap css framework development involves using of essetinal skills HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Jquery to convert existing non responsive layouts to responsive layouts.

After completion of this course students should be able to build their own device/media friendly responsive layout. Bootstrap theme development course can be opt by freshers , web designers and web developers.

    Bootstrap Plugins , Classes , Grid System

  • Get Bootstrap online from
  • Bootstrap download with bootstrap folder taxonomy
  • Bootstrap cdn files from google,twitter or yahoo cdn links
  • Bootstrap with predefind css classes
  • Bootstrap with predefined javascript / jquery plugins and modules
  • Bootstrap with Javascript components
  • Importance of jquery library in bootstrap theme development
  • Bootstrap CSS typography for different tags
  • Bootstrap Images class for image manipulation
  • Bootstrap Grid System for mobile,desktops,tabs and large screen
  • Bootstrap Grid System for mobiles with col-xs class
  • Bootstrap Grid System for tabs with col-sm class
  • Bootstrap Grid System for desktops with col-md class
  • Bootstrap Grid System for large desktops /screen with col-lg class
  • Bootstrap screen/device width range , with differntiation in between col-md ,col-xs ,col-lg and col-sm classes
  • Bootstrap grid structure with 12 column logic
  • Bootstrap css buttons with range of size and colours
  • Bootstrap css helpers
  • Bootstrap css with container and container-fluid class to design layout
  • Bootstrap css with row class
  • Bootstrap css with predefined glymphicon icos
  • Use of font-awesome icons with bootstrap
  • Bootstrap css with pull class and push class
  • Bootstrap css with hidden and visible classes
  • Bootstrap css vertical and inline forms
  • Bootstrap css pagination class
  • Bootstrap css table class
  • Bootstrap css error,success,warning class
  • Bootstrap vertical navigaton and horizontal navigation
  • Bootstrap dropdown ressponsive navigation
  • Bootstrap Javascript component Accordion
  • Bootstrap Javascript component Caraousel
  • Bootstrap Javascript component Modal Box
  • Bootstrap Javascript component Tooltip
  • Bootstrap Javascript component tabs

Project development using bootstrap

  • Generate E-commerce Web template using bootstrap css framework
  • E-commerce logo with company related navigation links
  • E-commerce navigation for categories and brands
  • E-commerce images slider for home page
  • E-commerce accordion for categories and brands
  • E-commerce products with grid system
  • E-commerce products with responsive structure in different devices
  • E-commerce brands with tabs
  • E-commerce individual product with modal box
  • E-commerce individual contact us form with modal box
  • E-commerce layout test with responsive tool
  • E-commerce layout test with mobile devices for potrait and landscape orientation

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