Tableau Training Course

30 HRS

Tableau Training Course

    Tableau Basics

  • The Business Challenge – Who Gets the Annual Bonus?
  • Connecting Tableau to a Data File – CSV File.
  • Navigating Tableau.
  • Creating Calculated Fields.
  • Adding Colors.
  • Adding Labels and Formatting.
  • Exporting Your Worksheet.
  • Maps, Scatterplots,and Your First Dashboard

  • Joining Data in Tableau.
  • Creating a Map, Working with Hierarchies.
  • Creating a Scatter Plot, Applying Filters to Multiple Worksheets.
  • Let’s Create our First Dashboard.
  • Adding an Interactive Action – Filter.
  • Adding an Interactive Action – Highlighting.
  • Joining and Blending Data,PLUS: Dual Axis Charts

  • Understanding how LEFT, RIGHT, INNER, and OUTER Joins Work.
  • Joins With Duplicate Values.
  • oining on Multiple Fields.
  • The Showdown: Joining Data v.s. Blending Data in Tableau.
  • Data Blending in Tableau.
  • Dual Axis Chart.
  • Creating Calculated Fields in a Blend (Advanced Topic).
  • Table Calculations,Advanced Dashboards,Storytelling

  • Downloading the Dataset and Connecting to Tableau.
  • Mapping: how to Set Geographical Roles.
  • Creating Table Calculations for Gender.
  • Creating Bins and Distributions For Age.
  • Leveraging the Power of Parameters.
  • How to Create a Tree Map Chart.
  • Creating a Customer Segmentation Dashboard.
  • Advanced Dashboard Interactivity.
  • Advanced Data Preparation

  • What Format Your Data Should Be In.
  • Data Interpreter.
  • Pivot.
  • Splitting a Column into Multiple Columns.
  • MetaData Grid.
  • Fixing Geographical Data Errors in Tableau.