HTML5 and CSS3 Training Course

40 HRS


XHTML & HTML5 Semantics

  • Scope and application of html5 css3 based websites in real world
  • From xhtml to html5 , and need of css3 in real time applications
  • html division element <div> for tableless layout
  • html paragrpah element <p> element for text
  • html headers element <h1>,<h2>,<h3>,<h4>,<h5>,<h6> element for heading
  • Html important elements - difference between div <div> element and paragraph <p> element
  • difference between inline elements and block elements
  • Html inline span <span> element
  • Html inline bold <b> element
  • Html inline italic <i> element
  • Html inline underline <u> element
  • Html inline anchor <a> element
  • Html block ul <ul> element
  • Html block li <li> element
  • Html block ol <ol> element
  • html ul , ol and li elements to generate data sequentially and to generate menu
  • importance of div element over table element in web page design
  • Html block table <table> element
  • Html block tr <tr> element
  • Html block td <td> element
  • Html block th <th> element
  • Html block tbody <tbody> element
  • Html block thead <thead> element
  • Html title <title> element for SEO optimisation
  • Html meta <meta> element with keywords and description for SEO optimisation
  • Html meta <meta> element with viewport for responsive design
  • Html doctype <doctype> element for xhtml and html5 web page
  • Html doctype <doctype> element for xhtml and html5 web page

  • HTML5 Semantics :

  • html5 semantics nav <nav> element
  • html5 semantics aside <aside> element
  • html5 semantics section <section> element
  • html5 semantics article <article> element
  • html5 semantics figure <figure> and figcaption <figcaption> element
  • html5 semantics header <header> and footer <footer> element

  • HTML5 Forms :

  • html form input text element
  • html form input password element
  • html form input hidden element
  • html form input radio element
  • html form input checkbox element
  • html form select element
  • html form option element
  • html form textarea element
  • html form multiple select element
  • html form input email element
  • html form placeholder attribute
  • html form input number element
  • html form tag with method attribute
  • html form tag with action attribute
  • html form tag with enctype attribute
  • html input tag with class attribute
  • html input tag with id attribute
  • html input tag with name attribute

CSS & CSS3 Properties

  • predefined colors like blue,black
  • color in rgb format rgb()
  • color in hexadecimal format like #eee
  • color with rgba() format

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